best nyc podiatristsPodiatrist NYC Dr. Sophia Solomon is a renowned New York podiatrist and an effective foot surgeon in Manhattan with a focus on foot and ankle deformities and sports related injuries. Podiatry specialist Dr. Solomon is one of the best podiatrists in NYC, among the top foot specialists in NY. Leading podiatric specialist Dr. Solomon received finest  specialized training in arthroscopic joint foot surgery from the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons and advanced training in internal fixation for reconstructive surgery/trauma of the foot and ankle.

The best rated podiatrist in NYC Dr. Solomon is skilled in bunion and hammertoe corrective surgery placing importance on both functionality and an aesthetically pleasing result with minimal to no visible scarring. To give back to the medical community, foot doctor and NYC podiatrist Dr. Solomon actively participates in the training and proctoring of residents, physicians and other top NYC Podiatrists.

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Professionalism at it's finest! Dr. Solomon not only knows her field extremely well but she has the best bed-side manner ever. I went to two doctors for my foot previously and I had horrific experiences. Dr. Solomon is as her title claims. A specialist!

Review by Daniel Aguirre – Google

Dr. Solomon is a skilled foot surgeon. I was skeptical about going to a podiatrist for my ankle/ foot injury (because I decided I was a diagnostic expert thanks to Web MD but surprise surprise, my own treatment didn’t work so well…)
But I decided to cave and see a podiatrist. Doctor Solomon was immediately helpful and clearly very knowledgeable and knew how to help my issue right away. Helping included shining light on my ankle issue, tips for how to rest/ heal/ fix the issue, and the icing on the cake – fashioning an addition to my shoe orthotics that immediately took care of my foot discomfort. I am very grateful to Dr. Solomon!

Review by Kate R. – Google

Dr.Solomon is a great doctor! She is very professional. Due to my tight work schedule, I was able to walk-in and see podiatrist Dr. Solomon in nyc office with minimal wait time.

Review by Christine N – Google

Dr. Solomon is a life saver!!!!!! My toe was killing me! It turns out I had a ingrown toenail deep into the root. Dr. Solomon took her time with me, educated me and talked me through step by step on what she was going to do. She numbed my toe and successfully cut out my horrible ingrown nail and I felt NOTHING! She is the best foot surgeon. She explained the aftercare to me in detail and I can’t wait to see her again to do some more work on my feet. I am definitely going to refer my family and friends to her! Plus she’s super cute and dresses really nice !! Thanks doc!

Review by Tiffany Tillackdarri – Google

I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Solomon after reading a few positive reviews and I was not disappointed. I arrived at her Park Avenue office (clean, bright) and waited 5 minutes at most to be seen. Dr. Solomon is friendly and personable. Very down to earth! After diagnosing my condition, we agreed that bunion surgery minimally invasive was a good option for me. She and her team were efficient and scheduled me immediately. Knowing that I was in good hands put most of my post-surgery nerves at ease. It's been 10 days since my surgery and my foot is healing well. Very pleased that I chose her as my podiatrist!

Review by Miracle J. – ZocDoc

I decided to make an appointment with Dr Solomon after my friend had great results with her bunion surgery. She actually takes time to listen to her patients and is very knowledgeable. The office was clean and welcoming.

Review by MB – ZocDoc

The doctor was very pleasant and very knowledgeable about my condition. She easily diagnose my condition and quickly decided on a treatment plan. I was very pleased during my visit. The office was well lit and modern. Super clean. I was seen immediately. No wait. I would highly recommend podiatry doctor Solomon for all of my foot care needs.

Diana B

One of my best experiences with foot surgeon Dr. Solomon in the new york city. On time, friendly, no rush, really good listening where I was at, her explanations and diagnosis were on point! definitely made my condition better ~HealthGrades

foot doctor on healthgrades
Review by Leny Bolivar – HealthGrades

Dr. Solomon always impresses me with her can-do attitude. She’s all about practical treatment methods that you are comfortable with. Having a podiatrist that understands the mentality of runners, and their unending desire be in the Park and not sat at home is priceless. I’ve given dozens of referrals for Dr. Solomon to my coaching clients and team mates. I wouldn’t hesitate to give hundreds more.


Review by Simon D. – ZocDoc

Dr. Solomon was very personable and easy to talk to. She listened to my problem and asked questions to get a full picture of my problem. She suggested that I might need to do some stretching exercises since she noticed that my calves were tight. She did not rush to have me purchase expensive insoles but suggested something as stretching might be all I need. She also examined my shoes to gauge the wear and tear on them and asked to see photos of my other shoes. She was very thorough in her assessment of my foot pain. ~ZocDoc

Review by Stephen T. – ZocDoc

Are podiatrist-related expenses tax-deductible?

According to the IRS, it is possible to deduct a certain amount of medical expenses. These are the costs associated with the diagnosis, cure, treatment, and/or prevention of any disease recognized by the medical community. Expenses related to podiatry in New York City are among the list of qualified medical deductions. Therefore, you can be assured that your podiatry NYC expenses are tax-deductible.

Are expenses associated with podiatrists in NYC covered by Medicare?

This is a common question that we get from our patients. Medical insurance covers the cost of the best podiatrists in Manhattan, foot exams, or treatment if you have diabetes-related nerve damage or require medically necessary cure for foot injuries or diseases. These include hammer toe, bunion deformities, and heel spurs.

Keep in mind that your best foot doctor in NYC may suggest you get services more frequently than Medicare covers. Apart from that, he/she might also recommend services that Medicare does not cover. In these cases, you will be required to cover some or all of the expenses.

How to find the best podiatrist in New York City?

Dr. Solomon is proud to be among the best NYC foot doctors. She is a leading foot specialist with exceptional skills and experience in the field of foot & ankle deformities and sports-related injuries.

Dr. Solomon is always up-to-date with the latest podiatry technologies for the purpose of providing top-quality, affordable care for her patients. If you are looking for a personalized, effective, and cost-efficient treatment, you should not wait any longer and contact the leading New York foot doctor, Dr. Solomon.

Do you have questions for our team of best podiatrists in New York City? Would like to schedule an appointment with the top ranked foot doctor in Midtown NYC, Dr. Sophia Solomon, please contact our Midtown NYC or Upper East Side podiatry center.

Published on Apr 24, 2020 by Dr. Solomon (Podiatrist), Manhattan Foot Specialists
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