Published on Apr 17, 2016, modified on Aug 17, 2018 by Dr. Solomon (Podiatrist in NYC), Manhattan Foot Specialists

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One of my best experiences with any Dr. Solomon in the new york city. On time, friendly, no rush, really good listening where I was at, her explanations and diagnosis were on point! definitely made my condition better ~HealthGrades

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Review by Leny Bolivar – HealthGrades

Dr. Solomon always impresses me with her can-do attitude. She’s all about practical treatment methods that you are comfortable with. Having a podiatrist that understands the mentality of runners, and their unending desire be in the Park and not sat at home is priceless. I’ve given dozens of referrals for Dr. Solomon to my coaching clients and team mates. I wouldn’t hesitate to give hundreds more.


Review by Simon D. – ZocDoc

Dr. Solomon was very personable and easy to talk to. She listened to my problem and asked questions to get a full picture of my problem. She suggested that I might need to do some stretching exercises since she noticed that my calves were tight. She did not rush to have me purchase expensive insoles but suggested something as stretching might be all I need. She also examined my shoes to gauge the wear and tear on them and asked to see photos of my other shoes. She was very thorough in her assessment of my foot pain. ~ZocDoc

Review by Stephen T. – ZocDoc

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