Corn Removal Surgery

Corn Removal Surgery NYC

The best podiatrist in NYC Dr. Solomon of Manhattan podiatry center understands that a corn can be both painful and embarrassing. A corn is typically caused by the rubbing of a bone against your soft tissue causing skin to thicken and harden forming what is referred to as a corn.

There are two different types of corns: soft and hard. Depending on the type of corn, its location as well what is causing it to form, your foot doctor in NYC will suggest a procedure to correct it.

All symptoms and potential procedural/surgical options should always be discussed with your podiatrist after a thorough consultation and examination for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.


Hard Corns

Hard corns are dry and often have a hard core. These become incredibly painful often feeling as though a rock is in your shoe. If you have a hard corn, the best NYC podiatrist’s suggest surgery if:

  • Non-invasive treatments don’t work
  • The corn has become painful
  • The corn is due to a bone issue that needs to be corrected

A corn always has a bio mechanical cause and your foot doctor must correct the underlying cause to prevent re-occurrence of the corn. For example a corn on a pinky toe is often due to a hammer toe rubbing against a shoe. Thus the best podiatrist in NYC would correct the hammer toe in addition to excising the corn.

Your Foot doctor in NYC will discuss what is necessary to provide a long term solution to your painful corn and answer any questions you may have.

Soft Corns

Soft corns result from a build-up of tissue in a moisture prone area coupled with bone rubbing against the skin. Soft corns most commonly show up between your toes. This type of corn is often associated with athlete’s foot and the webspace between your fourth and fifth toes is the most prone to this infection. Soft corns are also prone to bacterial infection if not treated right away.

People sometimes mistakenly use the terms corns and bunions interchangeably, but they are not the same. A “bunion” is the name for the enlarged bony bump located behind the big toe at the joint where it attaches to the foot. This often protrudes out the side, but occasionally it protrudes upward. Visit your local foot doctor or Dr. Solomon a leading NYC bunion surgery doctor who is surgically trained to remove this bump and will guide you to the newest bunion procedures that suits your lifestyle and expectations.

Corn Removal Procedures

Corns can be shaved down painlessly in the office but if this lesion returns time after time then you should start to think about fixing the underlying cause. Deformities that often result in corns are:

  • A rotated or misaligned toe
  • Hammer toe
  • Mallet toe

Hard Corn Removal

This type of corn often has a hard nucleated center that makes it painful to walk. This is something that is seen in the New York office of your foot doctor every day. Your NYC podiatric doctor can  remove this lesion easily by shaving it down and removing its core. Your NYC podiatric doctor can perform this procedure in the office and have you in and out on your lunch break. Your podiatry doctor can also make custom orthotics to help prevent these lesions from forming.

Benefits of having the best podiatrist NYC perform this procedure include:

  • Since it’s an in-office, outpatient procedure, there’s no need for a scheduled, daylong hospital visit.
  • You feel immediate relief from the pain
  • You can return to work right away.
  • The best rated podiatrists can remove several small corns at the same time.

Surgeries on the bones of your foot may be necessary if you want a more permanent treatment. Some foot doctors in NYC advocate that you should fix the deformity rather than just remove the corn. But our podiatrists understand that surgery is not for everyone and are happy to alleviate your pain via conservative care through callus removal and orthotic treatment.

Soft Corn Removal

Soft corns can be shaved down in the same fashion as hard corns. However, these lesions typically return quickly and the long term solution would be to fix the underlying boney cause. Correcting the underlying bone structure typically involves your NYC podiatrist or foot doctor removing a part of the bone in the fifth toe. The best NYC podiatrist will discuss what corrections are needed to prevent this issue such as:

  • If your toe is curled, then the foot doctor performs what is called a tendon release, which allows the tendon to relax and your toe to uncurl.
  • Sometimes, the bone of the fourth toe is smoothed as well.
  • If the skin between your toes is very damaged, the skin between your toes may be removed. Those toes are then partially sewn together.

The best podiatrist in Manhattan will explain to all your options and help you choose what is best for you.

Recovering from Corn Removal Surgery

In office corn removal has no recovery period.  If you choose to surgically correct the deformity causing your corn, you will likely need to wear a post-operative shoe for a few weeks. You might be able to wear your regular shoes again in two weeks, although most people wear a special shoe for three to four weeks. You can walk normally once you’ve healed your foot doctor in NYC will instruct you on at home physical therapy to recover as quickly as possible

Trying to cut your corns at home is not recommended, as infection is much more likely to occur with self care. Similarly, using products that contain acid to eat away at the corn can cause good skin to be eaten away as well, leaving your foot open to infection. It’s much better to allow the highest rated podiatrist you can find take care of your corns.

All symptoms, potential procedural/surgical options should always be discussed with your podiatrist after a thorough consultation and examination for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Important Reminder: This information is only intended to provide guidance, not a definitive medical advice. Please consult foot doctor about your specific condition. Only a trained, experienced board certified podiatrist or foot specialist can determine an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.

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Published on Jun 7, 2019 by Dr. Solomon (Podiatrist), Manhattan Foot Specialists
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