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Foot Injuries

The foot is an intricate structure consisting of 26 bones all working together in synchrony with more than 25 muscles that pass through the foot. When one component of that system is injured it can create a chain reaction of pain and further injury. A lot can go wrong when you when you spend all day on your feet. With the physical demands of life downtown, NYC foot doctors see a wide variety of foot injuries every day. If you are experiencing pain in your feet and are not sure of the cause, visit a leading podiatrist in New York City, Dr. Sophia Solomon for diagnosis and treatment.

There’s no reason to have pain, discomfort or limitations due to problems with your feet. You can find a top New York foot doctor like Dr. Solomon to diagnose and treat your foot injuries, no matter how slight or how severe.

Foot Injuries Specialist NYCCommon Injuries and Foot Conditions

Foot doctors in NYC see a wide range of ailments from bunions and hammer toes to fractures of the heel. Some of the common conditions of the foot and ankle are:

Turf toe is a condition of your big toe that results from repetitive hyperextension — when you stretch or extend your foot beyond the normal range of motion repeatedly. According to a best NYC podiatrist, Dr. Sophia Solomon, football players suffer this injury more than others because of the excessive shock and stress on their feet from playing the game.

Causes of Various Foot Injuries

Often, the method of a foot injury determines the resulting condition. For example, a common cause of plantar fasciitis is the repetition of small injuries to the fascia that stretches the area between your heel and arch. Most plantar fascia injuries occur in that area between the mid-foot and heel bone.

If you are suffering pain in your feet, visit a top NYC podiatrist, Dr. Sophia Solomon for a thorough exam and diagnosis of your problem. You are likely to need a NYC foot specialist or podiatric doctor as a result of the following conditions:

  • Have recently started having cramping or pain when performing sports
  • Have recently noticed a skin growth on your foot
  • Have swelling and pain
  • Have recently had a weight increase and feet feel fatigued
  • Overstretching the soles of your feet — which happens to athletes who increase their running distance or intensity, or who have poor starting techniques “off the blocks”
  • Suffering from osteoporosis, which is a weakening of your bones
  • Being diagnosed with arthritis in your feet
  • Having a condition like diabetestarsal tunnel syndrome

Symptoms of Most Foot Injuries

Your symptoms may vary, based on the underlying condition that’s causing you pain or discomfort. The symptoms your podiatric doctor or a foot doctor asks you about during your visit include:

  • Tenderness in any part of your foot
  • Pain when you put weight on your foot
  • Constant pain
  • Swelling
  • Changes in the skin of your foot

Diagnosing Foot Injuries

Your NYC podiatric doctor will diagnose your injury by physical exam, X-Ray and sometimes other more advanced imaging techniques. A thorough history of your symptoms is vital to an accurate diagnosis be ready to describe when the pain presented, what decreases and increases the pain and all prior treatments.

Additional diagnostic tests may include X-rays, an MRI or an ultrasound of the affected area. These tests are often available and performed right in the office of the best rated podiatrist in NYC, Dr. Sophia Solomon

Treatment of Foot Injuries

Some foot pain can resolve with rest and time. But you may be able to decrease the length of recovery with prompt treatment following the injury. Consult an experienced podiatrist in NYC, Dr. Sophia Solomon for treatment of your injury.

Recommended initial treatments for foot injuries:

  • Rest: Take the weight off your foot and avoid running and excessive walking. It’s one of the best ways to help your foot heal.
  • Compression: Place an ace bandage around injured area to minimize swelling.
  • Footwear: Avoid walking on hard surfaces or barefoot. Only wear shoes with good arch support and cushioned heels. Laced shoes are preferred over sandals, and avoid old shoes that have worn cushion and soles.
  • Exercise: Gentle stretching of your feet and legs — particularly your calves — can help ease symptoms and prevent injury. Exercise on a regular basis, and consult with your podiatric doctor in NYC before beginning any new home exercises.
  • Anti-inflammatories: Taking pain relief medications like ibuprofen and acetaminophen as needed not only relieves pain but also reduces swelling. And you can buy anti-inflammatory creams or gels that reduce pain and swelling.

Other treatments for foot injuries include laser therapy or PRP injections. Ask your podiatrist about her recommendations. You may benefit from the use of special splints that you wear at night to stretch your muscles, tendons and fascia while you sleep .

In some cases, your foot doctor in NYC may suggest wearing a boot or brace to protect your foot.  In severe cases, you may need surgery, which always is considered the last resort.


Torn ligaments/tendons or foot fractures is require surgery in some instances. Your podiatrist only usually tries conservative treatments before surgery is recommended. The recommended procedure will be discussed with your foot doctor at your office visit.

In most of the cases Dr. Solomon is trying to use a minimally invasive techniques to treat many foot conditions requiring surgery in her office or in a surgical center. Common outpatient surgical procedures in our podiatric clinic in NYC are:  bunion removal surgeryhammertoe surgeryplantar fasciitis endoscopic surgeryachilles tendon rupture correction surgery. Possible complications from foot surgery typically include increased pain, infection and injury to nerves.

Important Reminder: This information is only intended to provide guidance, not definitive medical advice. Please consult foot doctor about your specific condition. Only a trained, experienced board certified podiatrist or foot specialist can determine an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.

Do you have any questions about a Foot Injuries treatment or surgery in NYC? Would you like to schedule an appointment with an internationally recognized, top NYC Podiatrist and foot doctor, Dr. Sophia Solomon of Manhattan Podiatry?  Please contact our office for consultation.

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