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Updated on Jan 25, 2022 by Dr. Mohammad Rimawi (Podiatrist) of Manhattan Foot Specialists

Podiatric Conditions & Treatments · Podiatrist Midtown Manhattan NYC

Our Podiatrists at Manhattan podiatrist with offices in Midtown and Upper East Side places great importance on the aesthetic result of their surgical procedures, as well as their medical outcome. We are using minimally invasive techniques which provide comparable and often superior results to traditional surgical methods. Minimally invasive techniques enable your Manhattan foot doctor to treat many foot conditions requiring surgery in NYC. Common outpatient surgical procedures include: Hammer Toes Surgery, Bunion Toe Surgery, Achilles Tendon Surgery, Corn Removal Surgery, and Plantar Fasciitis Surgery. Visit our podiatry New York practice to meet our Podiatrists, the best-in-class podiatric doctors in New York.

Achilles Tendon
Ankle Pain
Arthritis In Feet
Athlete’s Foot
Ball of Foot Pain (Metatarsalgia)
Bunions and Corns
Flat Feet
Foot Fracture
Foot Injuries

Toenail Fungus
Hammer Toes
Heel, Toe Spurs
Heel Pain
Ingrown Toenails
Neuromas (Nerve Tumors)
Plantar Warts
Toe Pain

Do you have any questions about Podiatric conditions and treatments? Would like to schedule an appointment with a Podiatrist, foot doctor at Manhattan Foot Specialists, please contact our office for a consultation with the NYC Foot doctor.

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